“We are all ultimately responsible for our future. It may seem at times that our destiny is predetermined, whether by our genes, environment, or social status. What truly matters, however, is how we can improve our lives from this moment forward and change the circumstances we are currently experiencing. This transformative force is the very essence of the LifeREACH Mind Body Fitness philosophy. In this lies the source of never ending strength, happiness, and vitality.” 

-Michael “Michi” Nivens, Founder of LifeREACH 

For too long the word fitness has implied that an individual who is ‘fit’ is made up of a collection of strong body parts. Firm butt, strong arms, lean hips, and slender, toned legs.  But is this the true definition of fit?

It has been……….. until now.

The LifeREACH Mind Body Fitness program goes beyond the physical body. We also teach and coach our members to achieve what we call “Inner Fitness”. This integrated approach leads to a strong, lean body and a focused, centered mind and spirit.

Our program consists of Japanese style Yoga (Shinshin-tōitsu-dō (心身統一道, lit. way of mind and body unification) to warm up the core and flood our bodies with oxygen while unifying the mind and body.

We then move into a fun and energizing series of metabolic exercises which ramp up the metabolism and promote strong lean muscle and melts fat. These exercises can burn up to 500 calories per session while strengthening lean muscle. Many of these exercises are in the form of games which make them fun as well as effective.

This is followed by dynamic (or moving) meditations which allow our minds to release unwanted stress and negative emotions leaving you cleansed and refreshed.

To bring it all together during the cool down period we move into a quiet meditation.  This is where your spirit can be free to find its purpose for the day and set goals and intentions.

Green Tea and fruit is available after session to replenish the body and get you started on your day.

Sessions are fun, social, and effective. Whether your goal is to lose fat, feel and look younger, become stronger, or manage your stress, LifeREACH Mind Body Fitness is your answer.  All in a beautiful, nourishing, and judgement free environment that will quickly become your second home.

Sessions are EARLY mornings Tuesday through Saturday. This allows our members to cultivate discipline and begin their day in the best way possible!

If you have been hesitant to join a fitness program because you feel you won’t “fit in”, or are intimidated by “Boot Camp” style fat loss programs, then LifeREACH is for you. Your Coach is there to guide you step by step towards your goal.

Mom and grandma both loved it! They said you were extremely easy to work with and they felt right at home with you. Plus it was a perfect way to get them motivated to work out more! The three of us all appreciated your energy. You are an awesome instructor!”  

Jordan L. – Portland, Oregon

“LifeREACH Mind Body Fitness is a really great experience. As a beginner, I was nervous going in, but the instructor made it fun and easy for everyone. At the end, I noticed improved circulation, and an elevated mood. I highly recommend it for all athletic levels.”

A. Collins- Portland, Oregon


Call us today @ 503-954-2916 or e-mail  LifeReachFitness@yahoo.com for more information and begin the journey towards your BEST life today!

For a limited time new members will receive a comprehensive nutrition consultation which includes a customized shopping list, meal plans, and easy recipes based on the foods they already enjoy.  This takes the guess-work out of your diet and allows you to focus on getting lean, happy, and healthy. This is normally  $99.00 but is being offered free of charge for new members only. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! 


When you sign up for a 6 or 12 month program, and do not feel that our system of training is for you, you have a no questions asked, iron clad  money back guarantee within your first 30 days of training. Contact us for more details.